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Daily archive for Sunday, 26 April 2020

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Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Writing deprecation notices in perl, optionally with Moose

Sometimes you want to remove behavior from your code in a future version, here’s the right way to do it.

Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Matching Hex characters in a Regex
I’ve noticed a common problem with regular expressions and Hex Characters, so I thought I’d blog about it. The most common way to regex a UUID, or SHA1 or some other hex encoded binary value is this (and I’ve seen this in Perl libra [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Thinking of presenting at YAPC::NA 2014
So I’m thinking of proposing some talks for YAPC::NA Orlando, and/or maybe do some training. Here’s my thought on what I could do that would be a contribution and different from other talks. For Training it might just be a combination of [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Changing default behavior of File::chmod
File::chmod has been around for a long time, and is really stable, and really hasn’t changed since 1999. It is far more user friendly than thechmod() in core Perl. I recently used it for an interview test. It took me a few times to get right ho [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Inversion of Control Principle
If you’re not familiar with the term “Inversion of Control”( IoC ) or “Dependency Injection” ( DI )you may wish to start with Martin Fowler’s post on the subject. If you’re looking for a way to do it with Per [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Where's 5.16.1?
Per the 5.12 release announcement This release cycle marks a change to a time-based release process. Beginning with version 5.11.0, we make a new development release of Perl available on the 20th of each month. Each spring, we will release a new stab [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Perl Core Syntax Wishlist: Role Support
I want to see Role’s added, even PHP got Traits before Perl. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, in fact all I want is the composition aspect. Let me do this: package MyRole { sub foo { return 'test' } } package MyClass { with  [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Perl Core Syntax Wishlist: Class support
I would like to see the classkeyword become part of Perl, but unlike some I don’t want it simply because it’s nicer syntax. I’d like it to behave differently from package. I’d basically like to see this class MyClass {method f [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Better Exceptions with Exception::Base
So I’ve done some complaining and explaining about what I’d like to see in regards to Exceptions in Perl. I Mostly explained what I wanted for catching Exceptions, and a little on throwing Exception objects, but not really how those objec [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Perl Core Syntax Wishlist: die should die
I hate die it is, in my humble opinion, one of the worst parts of perl. I really wish it would be deprecated, and removed, or at least replaced with something that would tell you were the code that was die-ing was being called. Replace its implementa [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Perl Core Syntax Wishlist: an Exception Stack
I have come to wish many things were part of Perl syntax that are not, and no using external modules is not enough for me. I think it’s time Perl got the features as part of the language itself (and yes I suppose I could settle for feature.pm [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Adventures with SOAP using Perl: Part 1 ( SOAP::Lite )
The most prevalent of SOAP libraries for Perl is SOAP::Lite it is the oldest and most documented. Though for all of its documentation it can be quite painful to figure out how to use it. First make sure you’ve read Part 0 to set up the server [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Adventures with SOAP using Perl: Part 0 ( prelude )
This is a prelude to a series on working with SOAP Requests using Perl. For the past 3 months I have been working on a Perl API for CyberSource’s Simple Order API which uses SOAP (I should note, that although I believe most of the API is now st [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): New beginnings
Since I truly last posted a lot has changed. I moved to Houston, TX, USA (from MI) for a position as a Linux System Administrator. As of this week I’ve been moved to the programming department in my company, coding Perl. I’m also an elect [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Annoucing Template::Plugin::Haml
A few months ago we had an assignment in Web Server Admin to create a CGI page, of course the perl was just to print text not actually do anything more, but I decided to use CGI.pmjust because I never had. The whole thing was nothing more than hello [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): A page for Perl WebHosts?
We need a page linked from Perl.org that says ‘Get Hosted’ (or something like that). The page will have a list of the top 10 Perl friendly web hosts on it. The top 10 will be determined by people with CPAN ID’s voting it up or down [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Announcing Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Catalyst
So I just recently finished reading Restful Web Services and decided I wanted to go back and play with Catalyst and REST some. The original way to create a Catalyst skeleton is to run catalyst.pl. This creates a lot of nice files to get you started [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Test Perl 5.12 on Arch Linux
Perl 5.12 has been languishing in the testing repo for a while, there are now several packages that have been rebuilt in testing and community testing. All of the rebuilds I reported have been fixed. If you use arch please make sure you’re usin [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): I am a $explicitive, or Formal Apology to RJBS
A lot of people think I’m a $explicative (insert your favorite one there). I’ve said some things that I shouldn’t have because I was pissed at the Person(s) at the moment. I would like to formally apologize to RJBS for the negative [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Using ref to fix 5 year old bug
So I haven’t been hacking perl for 5 (or more) years but I forked Template::ShowStartStop from Template::Timer which is that old. since I forked it this test has bugged me since I didn’t really understand the test, the section of code it [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Submitting Patches is better than "Patches Welcome"
So I received my first patch for Perl code a week ago. Amazingly I didn’t have to tell the person patches were welcome, they must have assumed so because my project was licensed under an OSI approved license. Also amazingly I’ve applied t [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Teaching Perl - Week 3 - Textual Data
So lastweekyou should have covered variables, conditionals, flow control statements, calling functions, stdin/out/err, and using new perl features.This week we’re covering text processing, scalars, external libraries, and reinforcing what we le [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Teaching Perl - Week 3 - Prelude Commentary
So I think that Head First Programming: A Learner's Guide to Programming Using the Python Languageis a great guideline to teach any programming course, esp a 10 week course as it has 10 chapters. We’re one week behind. Arguably you could merge [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Teaching Perl - Week 2 ( part2 )
This part2 was prompted by Chromatic’s post on state. I’d never heard of state before, and it’s documentation is poor. Let’s take a look at how state could affect our game. #!/usr/bin/env perl # guess a number game use strict [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Teaching Perl - Week 1 - ( Part1 )
Make sure you’ve read Part 0first.As I said before Baker provides a Linux server for the perl class. However, none of the students have had a unix class. So I advise touching on it and giving them a link to these tutorialsif they want to use it [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Teaching Perl - Part 0 - Preface
This is my 2 cents on how perl should be getting taught at my school. My school’s curriculum sucks in general across the board. But assuming I can’t change what classes are taught, when and what prerequisites this is how I would teach per [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Say Perl
SayPerllaunched yesterday. It’s essentially aggregated perl blogs translated through google’s translation service into english. Very awesome. 3 things could make it better.1) An atom/rss feed 2) instead of clicking on ‘spanish&rsquo [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Perl Blogger annoyances
So I love Iron Man and people who blog perl. But I’ve got some complaints. No Language Specific Feeds. I’m not discriminating against people of foreign languages I want a Russian only feed as much as an English only. I just can’t re [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Managing CPAN on Arch Linux
So if you’re running Arch Linux and want to install a bunch of packages from CPAN the best way is NOT to use the official cpan client, or even the new cpanminus. No your best bet is to use AUR or lacking AUR packages, create your own, and I&rsq [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Iron Man and introductions
So I’ve decided to “compete” in the Iron Man competition.My name is Caleb Cushing, I’m a 25 year old, unemployed, student, living in the Greater Lansing, MI, USA, area. I’ve been programming perl for approximately 6 mont [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Regen2 Released
Release Highlights vanilla-sources- gcc-4.3.3 glibc-2.9_20081201-r2 openrc-0.4.3-r1 baselayout-2.0.0-r2 git- perl-5.10.0 bash-4.0_p17 app-sh/dash is now included in the tarball, in the next major release I hope to make it /bin/sh pleas [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): ~arch will be testing again not stable
I think the idea of a meta distro on top of a stable base is the way to go, let people choose just what they want on bleeding edge. I like my kernel, gcc, and perl solid, sometimes I want firefox’s beta’s but that doesn’t mean I wan [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Funtoo gets the new Perl
Soon, Dan Robbins will be merging my perl-experimental branch which contains the perl-experimental overlay. This overlay contains a handful of packages, the most important of which is perl-5.10.0 which has been out for about a year now and Gentoo sti [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Perl by Example not on O'Reilly's Safari
I like Safari. It’s a great product that I pay ~$500 a year for. I just started a Perl class and the book is Perl by Example. Guess what it isn’t on safari or at least searching for the exact title doesn’t find it. I’ve querie [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): From Perl to Java
What’s next This is my last post that targets IronMan. So if you want to keep reading my blog, which will probably argely be a mix of security, and java with occasional dev ops, please subscribe directly. If you have suggestions for what catego [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Goodbye blogger, migrating this weekend
Well it’s the end of a decade of blogging with blogger for me. Though you’ve probably noticed I haven’t really been blogging for the last 2 years. I hope that’s a combination of these 2 things, but no promises. writing a tech [...]
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): Abandoning all Perl modules
As of today I have decided to remove myself as maintainer/co-maintainer of all my Perl modules. Feel free to adopt them
Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ): 10 ways of implementing Polymorphism
Firstly what is Polymorphism and why is it so important? Polymorphism is the ability to have a many implementations of a behavior that conform to a single interface. Put in perhaps slightly better, pragmatic terms, you have one implementations of a c [...]
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