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Daily archive for Friday, 05 May 2017

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Dave Jacoby (/var/log/rant): One! One New Utility! Bwa-ha-hahaha!
Classic unix utilities give you a number of great tools, and you can use sed and awk and bash when those aren't enough.

But sometimes ...

I use ~ as a scratch space all too often, which leaves me with a huge amount of files that I stopped playing with [...]
Luca Ferrari (fluca1978): perlcritic and allowing simple double sigils dereferencing
I found out, while not searching for it, an interesting policy for Perl::Critic
named Perl::Critic::Policy::References::ProhibitComplexDoubleSigils. The idea is quite simple and I find myself agreeing with it:
when dereferencing a reference you can omi [...]
Toby Inkster (tobyink): Type::Tiny 1.2 Coming Soon
Or 1.002000, because it uses Moo-like versioning. The Type::Tiny 1.1 (1.001_00x) development cycle has been going on since September 2014. Apparently I'm either very concerned about stability or very lazy. You can make up your own minds about that. B [...]
Mojolicious: Let’s make browser testing fun again


Tonight at the monthly Oslo.pm meetup, I gave a talk about how to test your web application in a real browser. This blog entry is a collection of the steps I went through while running live demos showcasing my module Test::Mojo::Role::Sel [...]

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