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Daily archive for Tuesday, 14 January 2014

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Ricardo Signes (rjbs): Dist::Zilla and line numbering

brian d foy wrote a few times lately about potential annoyances distributed across various parties through the use of Dist::Zilla. I agree that Dist::Zilla can shuffle around the usual distribution of annoyances, and am happy with the trade offs that [...]

Josetteorama: All about Catalyst – interview of Matt S. Trout (Part 1 of 3)
We talk to Matt S. Trout, technical team leader at consulting firm Shadowcat Systems Limited, creator of the DBIx::Class ORM and of many other CPAN modules, and of course co-maintainer of the Catalyst web framework. These are some of his activities [...]
JT Smith: Posted MadMongers Tomorrow Night to JT Smith
Tuesday night we’ll be discussing using Perl to monitor services, and attempt to auto-repair faults. Come join us. [From my blog.]...
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