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Daily archive for Friday, 28 June 2013

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Stevan Little (stevan): p5-MOP meta layer progress
So when I started the p5-mop-redux project I purposefully avoided getting too deep into the meta-layer swamp. One of the things that became really difficult with the previous attempt was the level of complexity in the meta-layer bootstrapping. For th [...]
Yoshihiro Sasaki (aloelight): plenv installから--asが消えたのでperl-buildを直接使う

バージョンはplenv 2.0.1-7-ge389af0



    > ls -1 ~/.plenv [...]
Yoshihiro Sasaki (aloelight): plenv installから--asが消えたのでperl-buildを直接使う

追記 2013/06/29 09:09


バージョンはplenv 2.0.1-7-ge389af0

違うバージョンのperlを一つずつinstallする分には困りませんが、同じバージョンでコンパイルオプションを変更したものをinstall [...]

Vyacheslav Matyukhin (mmcleric): Flux: new streaming data processing framework
Flux is the framework I've been meaning to release for a very long time [1]. What's it good for? Message queues; organizing your data processing scripts in a scalable way; de-coupling your processing pipeline elements, making them reusable and...
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): The Alexa turning point

For the full article visit The Alexa turning point

Tokuhiro Matsuno: Test::SharedFork 0.26 was released to CPAN
It contains bug fix around forking. I highly recommend to upgrade. Thanks.
Arnaud Assad (Arhuman): Recherche codeur Perl, bien sous tout rapport
Non, ce n'est pas ce que vous pensez...

Ce blog ne se transforme pas en site de rencontre.

C'est plutôt une bouteille à la mer que je lance, pour réactiver le groupe des Mongueurs de Marseille.

Ce groupe de Mongueurs n'a pas de site digne de ce nom, pas [...]
Ricardo Signes (rjbs): print-ing to UDP sockets: not so good

We've been rolling out more and more metrics at work using Graphite and StatsD. I am in heaven. I'm not very good at doing data analysis, but fortunately there are some very, very obvious things I can pick out from our current visualizations, and I'm [...]

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