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Daily archive for Thursday, 27 June 2013

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David Farrell sillymoose: Subscribe to Perl Weekly

Perl Weekly is a newsletter produced by Gabor Szabo that summarizes the latest Perl community content and events. It provides a curated look at the week's blog posts, developer articles and tutorials. It also lists any upcoming Perl workshops and con [...]

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Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer (thaljef): Pinto Road Show: Los Angeles: July 18-19
I’ll be giving a presentation about Pinto to the Los Angeles Perl Mongers on July 17th. Pinto is the ultimate tool for creating a private repository of Perl modules, so you can build your application with the right modules, every
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Stevan Little (stevan): Once More Unto The Breach
So far this year, I've given talks at both OPW and YAPC::NA about where I see Perl headed as a language and as a community. While both talks made heavy use of hyperbole to drive my points home, the overall...
Active State: Supporting the Arch Linux ARM Development Team with Komodo IDE

Arch Linux ARM (ALARM) is a distribution of Linux for ARM computers. Since ARM architecture is found in microprocessors and semiconductors made by a wide range of manufacturers, including Apple, Broadcom and Texas Instruments, chances are that at lea [...]

Yanick Champoux (yanick): BadBoids, BadBoids, Watcha Gonna Do...

As is was foretold, the Atwitterpocalypse came and went. And, as expected, the world didn't stop turning. Although a few applications did. Amongst the victims, Choqok, which was the client of choice at the Chaos Cottage (aka Chez Yanick).

So, forced b [...]

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