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Daily archive for Wednesday, 08 May 2013

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miguel prz (niceperl): (lv) metacpan weekly report - Dist::Zilla

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 144

Week's winner: Dist::Zilla (+4)

Build date: 2013/05/08 20:38:49 GMT

Clicked for first time:

Gabor Szabo (szabgab): The social price of redirection
10 days ago I was wondering if I should merge the 3 Perl Maven sites. The recommendation by everyone was to merge the perl5maven.com site into the perlmaven.com site. As I had the same feeling too, I did it on May 1, just 8 days ago. It went quite sm [...]
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa's Podcast
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa's Podcast:


On the episode 9 of my podcast, featuring Jesse Vincent (@obra), we discussed his recent experiments to build his own keyboard.

Some of my followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook asked if there was an [...]

YAPC::NA: Dorms are available!

UT has released a block of dorms for YAPC!

You can register for the dorms here: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/dhfs/conf/nlogon/register/?s_pgm_nbr=HF121301643000

The price is $70/night if you don’t want/find a roommate, or $35/night each perso [...]

YAPC::NA: Welcome Gold Sponsor Shutterstock!

We’re happy to announce gold sponsor: Shutterstock!

Shutterstock loves Perl. We’re a stock photo and video company, and we see ourselves at the forefront of technology and research. We do fascinating things with search, discovery, recommendation [...]

Glen Hinkle (tempire): Eponymous Hash

You've been there.

Coding along, minding your own business, creating clear and concise lines of Perl code with maps, greps, and slices; manipulating lists with the best of them.

Suddenly, you find yourself doing this:

  ponycorn => $ponyco [...]
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