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Daily archive for Monday, 08 April 2013

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Tim Bunce: NYTProf v5 – Flaming Precision
As soon as I saw a Flame Graph visualization I knew it would make a great addition to NYTProf. So I’m delighted that the new Devel::NYTProf version 5.00, just released, has a Flame Graph as the main feature of the … Continue reading
Sebastian Willing: WordPress-Installation als Checkliste

Immer mal wieder werde ich gefragt, wie schwer eine WordPress-Installation ist oder ob ich ein Plugin für dieses und jenes kenne. Anno 2011 habe ich schon einmal eine Checkliste gepostet, jetzt ist es Zeit für ein Update. 1. Download d [...]

PerlNinja: Tell Satan to order some mittens, because it's going to get cold in hell...
For years (and I do mean, years) I've stuck with Perl as my go-to language for just about everything. I'm currently even employed writing Perl code, and I still love the language for what it lets you do. Since 1994 it's been my swiss army chainsaw of [...]
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