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Daily archive for Sunday, 17 March 2013

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Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): Logitech Media Manager and Perl 5.16
I have some Logitech Squeezeboxes. Some of the older Slim Devices ones, too, actually, but they work together well. The nice people at Logitech have dropped the Squeezebox line to make a new cloud-based product. Not my cup of tea. Problem: The Logite [...]
Tim Heaney (oylenshpeegul): Perl developer modules on CPAN
I was just talking about using cpanm to install from github. The latest cpanm also makes it easy to install a developer release. Coincidentally, Ben Bullock just mentioned the developer release of Text::Fuzzy. Let's try it! $ cpanm --dev Text::Fuzzy [...]
Juan Spinel jms53: Perl 7?
I remember seeing a fair share of debate concerning the naming of the next stable version of Perl 5. It would be a shame to let all of Perl 5 die simply because of backwards incompatibility.  Specialy as Perl remains … Continue reading
miguel prz (niceperl): (lxxii) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2013-03-17 07:55:00 GMT

  1. Perl Dancer Auth Solution that Supports API Keys? - [5/1]
  2. How to I print to STDERR only if STDOUT is [...]
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