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Daily archive for Saturday, 16 March 2013

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Leo Lapworth (ranguard): Perl News - let us know about your big story
Perlnews.org has been going for about 2 years now and keeps going well, but we want to ramp it up... a bit... (we want a couple of stories a week really). We are now feeds www.perl.org homepage as well. So...
Tokuhiro Matsuno: Perl5 の CVE-2013-1667 - Important rehashing flaw についての見解
あまり触れる気もなかったのですが、日本語でふれている人がいなかったので。 Perl 5.8 〜 5.16 で DoS の security fix がでています。OS の system perl をつかっている場合には問題がありませんが、そうでない場合には自分できっちりとアップデ
Matt S. Trout (mst): Moo 1.1 - fixes and defaults and builders, oh my

Better default handling and an extension for (almost) full Moose surface syntax

Yanick Champoux (yanick): MetaCPAN Recommendations: A Proposed Battleplan

Update: Tim Bunce also wrote a blog entry laying out his own vision for the recommendation mechanisms.

The periodic pressure point of CPAN having a plethora of modules with overlapping functionality and no real efficient way to choose between them (ar [...]

David Golden: Stop Pod tests before they stop you!
Have you ever installed a CPAN module with a big dependency chain and had installation fail somewhere in the middle? Have you ever investigated and found the failure was due to Test::Pod or Test::Pod::Coverage? AAARRRGGGHHH! I hate that! Pod tests ar [...]
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): Perl Maven in Brazilian Portuguese
Slowly, but the Perl 5 Maven site is gaining popularity among people looking for information about Perl. I'll write about the stats later. Last week Felipe Leprevost asked me if I'd agree for him to translate the Perl Tutorial to...
YAPC::NA: YAPC::NA Austin - Call for speakers extended to end of month

Today was supposed to be the cut off for submitting talks for YAPC::NA in Austin. Unfortunately, it snuck up on all of us, including the YAPC::NA staff. I apologize that we did not give more warnings of the deadline. To make up for our oversight, we [...]

Tim Heaney (oylenshpeegul): Perl modules on CPAN and github
There has been some discussion this month about CPAN and github and how me might use them better: Brendan Byrd Neil Bowers David Golden Tim Bunce Yanick Champoux Coincidentally, I ran into a bug this week that seems related. Namely, that Config::Simp [...]
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