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Daily archive for Friday, 15 March 2013

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Joel Berger (jberger): I love CPANtesters and Travis-CI
I have mentioned before how much I like CPANtesters! Here is another story. Yesterday I got an email from them listing a number of failures from Galileo, my CMS. I had recently pushed some bugfix releases, but it had some...
YAPC::NA: Wanna Hack at YAPC?

You asked for it so we’re delivering. We’ve allocated space at the Thompson Conference Center both 2 days before and after the conference for hackathon activities. If you plan to attend one of the existing hack-a-thons, please add your name to the pa [...]

Doug Bell (preaction): Chicago.PM - Mojolicious
February's meeting was about the Mojolicious Web Framework. Joel Berger has written a minimal Perl CMS called Galileo, and agreed to give a talk about the benefits of Mojolicious. Best of all, the talk itself was written in Mojolicious! As...
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