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Daily archive for Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Toby Inkster (tobyink): Introducing Platform
So, what's the big idea? Perl projects have all manner of ways of declaring their dependencies. CPAN releases usually include a file called META.yml or META.json listing their dependencies (though Makefile.PL or Build.PL is also supposed to generate [...]
Marc Bellario: What's happening?
I am intermediate. I am between the mediate and the inter.
I hope this does not last forever.
I am learning Perl or is Perl learning me?

So many questions. I am still working on setting up the Duluth Perl Mongers site. And very confused about that. I [...]
Yoshihiro Sasaki (aloelight): Hokkaido.pm#9を開催しました

詳しい内容は公式ブログのHokkaido.pm#9 開催報告を御覧ください。

今後もshinotraさんのようにCasualで釣って、本体に参加してくれる人が増えるとよいですね [...]

Tokuhiro Matsuno: Shipped Amon2::Plugin::ShareDir
CPAN から install できるようなウェブアプリケーションつくるときに、インストールしてなかったら $c->base_dir/share/ からテンプレートファイルとかつかって、インストールしてたら dist_dir('Ukigumo-Agent') とかからとるようにす
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