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Daily archive for Monday, 04 February 2013

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Sinan Unur (Sinan): Splitting long lines is slow

I received thoughtful responses to my earlier post Large gzipped files, long lines, extracting columns etc.

I am not going to address everything in detail, but for the time being, let's stick with the phase where I dissect the files. Once I decide wha [...]

Chisel (Chiz): Converting to Dist::Zilla
I’ve converted a number of distributions from $something to Dist::Zilla for release management, and every time I forget something … so this time I’m making notes as I go along. Worst case, future-me will thank present-me (or will that be...
Booking.com dev blog: Booking.com Software Developer Hiring Process

With our incredible growth over the past few years, we've had to hire a significant number of developers to keep pace with our customers. Our massively scaled systems aren't going to maintain themselves. The new services, features, and applications t [...]

NAP Tech Blog: When Random Isn’t Random Enough
We have a large automatic test suite here at Net-a-Porter, and that test suite gets run automatically whenever we check code changes in to our source code repository. Of course, a developer will run the suite manually before checking in … Continue re [...]
Alexandr Alexeev (afiskon): Найдено в сети — выпуск 1
В общем, решил хранить закладки у себя в бложике и время от времени публиковать их. В какой-то степени последовать примеру Бобука, да. Я долгое время пытался найти более подходящее место для хранения закладок, но что-то такое место все никак не наход [...]
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