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Daily archive for Sunday, 17 February 2013

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Laurent Dami (dami): Slices of method calls within an object
Several years ago I complained that object accessors prevent you from using some common Perl idioms; in particular, you couldn't take a slice of several attributes within an object.

Now I just discovered the Want module; this is great for playing with [...]
miguel prz (niceperl): (lxviii) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2013-02-16 21:49:55 GMT

  1. Should you use '||' or lower precedence 'or' when reporting an error in Perl? - [12/2]
  2. Perl threading [...]
Michele Beltrame (arthas): Setting up nginx with a SSL certificate from scratch
This short HOWTO explains how to set up the excellent nginx to work with a SSL certificate released from a CA. The whole process is fairly easy, but not completely straightforward. I'm assuming the host name for which the certificate will be set up i [...]
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