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Daily archive for Thursday, 14 February 2013

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Renee Baecker: Hannover.pm // German Perl-Tour Teil 1
Ich habe mir für 2013 vorgenommen, an Perlmonger-Treffen in mindestens 8 deutschen Städten teilnehmen. Ich finde es immer wieder spannend, andere Gruppen zu treffen und zu sehen was in anderen Städten so
los ist.

Auf Grund Arbeit und Familie war mein e [...]
Colin Newell: Adhoc parameters to joins in DBIx::Class
I’ve been using DBIx::Class for a couple of years now and I’ve always been impressed with it’s flexibility. I’ve rarely felt the need to write my own SQL queries because it’s simply so good at it, and it’s generally easy to get it to do what I want [...]
Vyacheslav Matyukhin (mmcleric): Play Perl is more popular than rt.cpan.org!
Sorry for the eye-catchy title, but seriously, number of Play Perl quests created in 1 week since its launch: $ curl -s 'http://play-perl.org/api/quest' | jq length 197 rt.cpan.org tickets created after 2013-02-07: 128 (no idea how to add a...
Joel Berger (jberger): #galileo on irc.perl.org
Hi all, I just wanted to drop a quick note to announce #galileo on irc.perl.org as a place to talk about Galileo my CPAN installable CMS and its new companion project GalileoSend which isn’t quite to CPAN yet, but it...
Matt S. Trout (mst): Names and Numbers, Brands and Identity

Perl 7 isn't a real idea, it's a cry for help - here's why and here's what we could do instead

Tokuhiro Matsuno: Perl で定数を定義するときにきをつけたいこと
Perl で constants.pm で定数を定義することはよくありますが、任意の定数表をつくるときで、配列の添字などにならない場合には 1 origin でやるといい気がします。 0 は perl だと false value なので、なんかバグの原因になるときがあります。で
Dominic Humphries (djh): Perl isn' t programming..?

So I got this email telling me that, in honor of Valentine's Day, O'Reilly are doing a special sale on all their pink books.

This prompted me to wonder what the logic was behind their colour-coding. Most of their books that I have to hand are blue. Bu [...]

Tokuhiro Matsuno: Cache::Memory::Simple::Scalar だした
なんか、Cache::Memory::Simple いいんだけど、一個しかぜったいに値がはいらない場合ってあるじゃないですか〜 そんなときに Cache::Memory::Simple のインターフェイスつかいづらいなーっておもったんで、Cache::Memory::SImple
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