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Daily archive for Friday, 18 January 2013

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Toby Inkster (tobyink): Ask not what your user can do for you...
In many scripts, we need to prompt the end user for information - this could be a prompt for a file name, a selection from a list of options, or an answer to a yes/no question. The traditional approach to...
Cosimo Streppone (cosimo): Net::Statsd::Server, a Perl port of Flickr/Etsy’s statsd
If you’re looking for a Perl client to connect to a statsd daemon, checkout Net::Statsd on CPAN, now at version 0.08. This post is about the server component of statsd. Tracking metrics: up to now The idea of statsd started in Flickr by Cal Hen [...]
Goro Fuji (GFUJI): 環境変数にいろいろ突っ込み過ぎると危険があぶない
$ export FOO=`perl -E 'say "." x 1_000_000'`
$ perl -v
bash: /usr/bin/activeperl: Argument list too long


Max sizeはカーネル [...]

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