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Daily archive for Tuesday, 15 January 2013

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Sebastian Willing: Where is your HEAD?

Most people would answer “on top of my neck” but that’s not always right. Actually, most heads are above their bodies but not every head has a body – which usually is no problem. Trouble starts when someone asks for a head wit [...]

Joel Berger (jberger): Galileo 0.012 released!
Galileo is a simple but modern Perl CMS which is totally installable from CPAN. Just a few quick commands and the site is live and usable! The primary focus is small sites, which need immediate availability and easy (no?) administration....
Tokuhiro Matsuno: How can I install all favorited distributions from CPAN?
function metacpan-favorited() { curl -s https://metacpan.org/author/TOKUHIROM | perl -ne 'if (m!class="release".*/release/([^"]+)!) { $_ = $
Tokuhiro Matsuno: 2013年 のPerl5 の OOP について考える
Moo 今年の本命? 新しくつくるならこれが無難な気がします。速度的にも Mouse とあまりかわらない。 若干依存がおおい気もするけど、インストールベースがふえれば気にならなくなるかな、ともおもいます。Class::XSAccessor とかつかってるんで、速度的にもホットス
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