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Daily archive for Monday, 14 January 2013

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JT Smith: Posted MadMongers: A New Way To Build Web Services Apps to JT Smith
Tomorrow (Tuesday, January 14th), I'll be giving a talk at MadMongers about a new technique for building web-services enabled web apps. It is the core technology we developed to create The Game Crafter, and we now use it in all...
Matt S. Trout (mst): Passion, Protectiveness, Anger and Anguish

Apparently adaptations that helped our ancestors not be trampled to death by wildebeest don't entirely work in our favour in open source community interactions.

kimmel: Commented on A list of the Perl::Critic policies CERT recommends in brian d foy

This post reminded me to release the already completed CERT themes, which will probably be folded into the next release of perlcritic. I made a repo with just these changes for people to test with. https://github.com/kimmel/perlcritic

John Napiorkowski: Worth A Consideration
While reviewing the Ironman feed I came across this post by chromatic that lead me to review these slides by Stevan Little. I think its worth a look and not an immediate dismissal, which I can understand since previous projects to modernize Perl have [...]
Joris (pairedodue):

headgrep : keep the head, and grep the rest

This little Perl script is handy when you need to grep the output of something, and still need to keep the first lines of output. It doesn't accept much option, but it does the job.

Common usage would be to f [...]
NAP Tech Blog: Encouraging newcomers to stick with Perl
We’ve recently hired our first group of graduate developers, and they’re currently undertaking a graduate programme where they will work with various technical teams in different disciplines. As a member of the Perl group, I’m obvio [...]
garu: Perl in 2012
I know, I know, I'm two weeks late. Sorry! I scheduled this to go live on January 1st but obviously something went wrong =X

Happy New Year, Perl folks!

2013 is already here, and if it's even half as good as 2012, we're in for quite a treat. So, without [...]
Jeffrey Kegler: A language for writing languages
[ This is cross-posted from the new home of the Ocean of Awareness blog. ] Marpa::R2's Scanless interface is not yet two weeks old, but already there are completed applications. Significantly, two of them are for work. A JSON Parser The non-work-rela [...]
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