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Daily archive for Sunday, 13 January 2013

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chromatic: How Forking Perl 5 Could Work
Stevan Little has argued that Perl 5's implementation is a dead end. If he's right, how could a reimplementation solve things?
Marc Bellario: a simple wxperl calculator
so --- just talking --- you know:

I created a small wx-perl project - using wxglade>
wx glade source forge project
also using dwimperl -
dwim perl site
on windows - which includes
strawberry perl 5.14 (.2?) --- and padre ...

Marc Bellario: back to perl - and hack

It has been sometime since I've used perl, which makes me older now.

My recollections of that time is, I was always in a hurry.  As a result, I did
not know that in my desire to stay on top of the biz, I dropped my interest
in perl and headed for the jav [...]
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