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Daily archive for Friday, 28 September 2012

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: Mojolicious morbo constantly crashing on Windows
Today I’ve shown Mojolicious to some of my colleaques in a social coding workshop. They don’t have any experiences with … Learn more
chromatic: Mentor-to-Hire for Perl Programmers
I've recently talked to two Perl-friendly startups about how they recruit and mentor new developers. Mentor-to-hire is a great strategy.
Thomas Klausner (domm): Call for Papers: Austrian Perl Workshops 2012

Vienna.pm is announcing the call for papers for the Austrian Perl Workshop 2012 which will be held from 16th to 17th November 2012 in the Metalab in Vienna. The deadline for submissions is October

Yoshihiro Sasaki (aloelight): YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 1日目
YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012の初日です. 久しぶりに会う方とご挨拶できて,非常に良かったです.二年ぶりにLarryさんとも写真をとらせていただきました. またXslateのbridgeの件でgfxさんとお話して,今後の対応を確認できたのも収穫です. 以下は聞いてきたトークのメモです.あくまで私のメモなので正確な内容は今後公開されるスライドや恐らくアップロードされる動画を確認してください.おかしい点があれば,ご連絡ください.

What Does Your Code Smell Like [...]

Doug Bell (preaction): Chicago.PM Report - App::Services by Sean Blanton
This month's technical presentation at Chicago Perl Mongers was about Sean Blanton's project called App::Services. It's an interesting project that uses Bread::Board to access resources like databases, logging, ssh, and others. Along the way, we disc [...]
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