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Daily archive for Thursday, 27 September 2012

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mdk (also): NWE.pm: Hack and Learn - September

Starting to learn a bit of Perl in the congenial hack space

Sebastian Willing: GoogleTalk with Perl
I tried to set up a little notification daemon in one of my projects: It should send a message to my GoogleTalk account for special events and that should be easy using one of the huge amount of Jabber/XMPP modules on CPAN.I asked Google for help and [...]
Shadowcat Systems: Shadowcat and the Digital Humanities

Shadowcat Systems had the honour of working on an academic project

Nick Kostirya: Very simple Multithreading with Continuation-passing style
my @cc = ();

sub cc(&) {
my ($sub) = @_;
push @cc, $sub;

sub cc_run() {
while (my $sub = shift @cc) {
sleep 1;

sub first {
my ($thread) = @_;
print "$thread: 1 first\n";
cc { third($thread) };

sub second {
my ($thread [...]
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): Announcing the Perl Maven Competition
Do you know Rails Rumble or Node Knockout? They are both 48-hour long, on-line competitions, or hackathons if you wish for the respective communities. They build beautiful things during these competitions. It's time time that we, in the Perl communit [...]
Tokuhiro Matsuno: Rakudo Star speed report 201209
It's 10x faster than 201206. great! Tokuhiros-MacBook-Air.local [master] time perl6 -e 'my $i=0; for (1..10_000) { $i++ }; say $i' 10000 per
Tokuhiro Matsuno: Digest.pm < 1.17 has vul.
https://metacpan.org/source/GAAS/Digest-1.17/ChangesNormally, you don't need to pass the digesting algorithm for Digest.pm. This issue is no
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