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Daily archive for Saturday, 07 April 2012

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stevieb: use Perl; Guide to references Part 3

This is Part 3 of my four part guide to references series. In Part 1 we learnt the basic syntax for using references, in Part 2 we saw how to use references in subroutine calls, and in this episode we'll focus solely on nested data structures.

Jamadam: mojo-legacyのメンテナンスメモ
  mojoの最新版をmojo-legacyにマージする自分用メモ。gitの使い方が怪しいので無駄が多そう。   mojoリポジトリのクローンで作業開始。 $ cd mojo $ git checko [...]
Jamadam: mojo-legacyのメンテナンスメモ
  mojoの最新版をmojo-legacyにマージする自分用メモ。   mojoリポジト [...]
stevieb: use Perl; Guide to references Part 2

This is part two in my four part series on Perl references. In Part 1, we went through the basics; how to take references to items and access the items through their references. In this episode, we'll explain some of the differences and benefits of s [...]

"Tudor Constantin (tudorconstantin)": Behavior Driven Development in Perl
Testing is hard - not necessarily to do, but to start with - it is so hard, that yet I haven't started writing tests for my code and I considered this to be a handicap for me as a developer....
YAPC::EU 2012: It is easier to be critical than correct
Ulrich Wisser will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as Perl::Critic can and should be used to greatly improve the quality of any Perl code. The only disadvantage of Perl::Critic is that it provides no history. I will show...
stevieb: use Perl; Guide to references: Part 1

Understanding references and their subtleties in Perl is one of the more difficult concepts to fully wrap one's head around. However, once they are fully understood by the blossoming developer, they find a whole new level of capability and power to e [...]

JT Smith: Posted Perl Testing Workshop SOLD OUT! to JT Smith
The Perl Testing Workshop at YAPC::NA 2012 has officially sold out. We have no more seats to sell. We only have a few more seats left in the Zero to Perl Workshop and the Hackathon, so if you want to...
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