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Daily archive for Thursday, 06 December 2012

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Shlomi Fish (rindolf): Count-up to 100 CPAN Distributions: Test-XML-Ordered, SDLx-Betweener, and more
Well, it's no longer a secret that I'm craving to join the "100 CPAN Distributions Club" by releasing some code that is hopefully not too useless. Here I would like to blog about the two new additions to my...
John Napiorkowski: Catalyst Advent 2012 is Live!
Perl Catalyst Advent is on for 2012! Check it out! Thanks to those of you that stepped up already or who are in the process of preparing something!
chromatic: Not the Final Word on Mock Objects
Rigorous isolation as a test design principle will lead you into a wilderness of ghosts and wind. Avoid it with careful thought and design.
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