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Daily archive for Tuesday, 04 December 2012

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Paul Evans (LeoNerd): Project Updates - Tickit window scrolling, Circle scroll indicators

Some progress on a few of my projects:

Tickit::Window now supports scroll and scrollrect even if the window partly covered by other floating windows. With the expose-after-scroll behaviour turned on (soon to be default in a later version once I know i [...]

Stevan Little (stevan): Perl Oasis 2013: Call for Speakers
The 5th Annual Orlando Perl Workshop, aka Perl Oasis, is coming on January 11th. That's only about a month away. Obviously the organizers are behind on things but they have announced the call for speakers! Please sign up now! If...
Alexis Sukrieh (sukria): The Perl Dancer Advent Calendar is 3 years old
Advent Calendar If you follow the Perl ecosystem and more precisely Dancer’s, you probably know about our Advent Calendar. It started 3 years ago thanks to the impulse of Franck Cuny and I’m very happy to see that the effort is still ther [...]
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