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Daily archive for Saturday, 01 December 2012

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chromatic: A Silly Moose Typo and Perl's Runtime Laxity
How a stupid Moose typo I've never made before reflects on what syntax Perl really accepts and where.
Tim Heaney (oylenshpeegul): The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
It's Advent and you know what that means...Perl calendars! Perl Perl 6 Dancer Japan Also, there is Sys Advent! Happy coding!
Laurent Dami (dami): Hash key order : beware of implicit assumptions
Perl hashes are not ordered, so one is not supposed to make assumptions about the key order. I thought I did not ... but Perl 5.17.6 showed me that I was wrong !

About two weeks ago I started receiving report about test failures which were totally inc [...]
Olaf Alders: Have you added your Perl project to 24pullrequests.com?
24pullrequests.com takes the spirit of the Advent coding calendar and puts a new spin on it. Try to send one pull request per day for the next 24 days and 24pullrequests.com will help you track your progress. At the time...
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