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Daily archive for Friday, 30 November 2012

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David Golden: Wallflower no more
I've done a lot of things with Perl. I started with some log file analysis, went on to data munging and numerical analysis, learned to write modules, started contributing to the toolchain, packaged Strawberry Perl, got into CPAN Testers, and eventual [...]
celogeek: Perl – Memory Leaks – Test::LeakTrace at the rescue
Hi, I have recently face memory leaks with object usage. After a day of work to find out the solution, I want to purpose here the issue and the way I have solved this. Memory leaks often happen with a … Continue reading
Melanie Shebel: The Course Schedule Program

My school lists the course schedule as pictured. The search functionality is deficient in that it offers little customization in the "advanced search."

I would like to "pull" the entire schedule and do the following things to help me choose classes:

1 [...]
perlcodesample: DBIx::Customのサイトを作りました


DBIx::Custom - Perl O/R Mapper

Joel Berger (jberger): Alien::Base Grant Report November
This month featured lots of work in the latter parts of Alien::Base. These improve library detection logic, pkg-config functionality and packlist support. I was especially pleased to get a bug report filed by bpo regular Toby Inkster. He is writing [...]
Juan Spinel jms53: Porject Euler # 18
This challenge asks that you find the greatest route possible in a triangle, decending each time one row. (Essentially, picking the route from top to bottom that gives the largest sum, without ever going back up in the rows). My … Continue reading
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