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Daily archive for Thursday, 29 November 2012

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confuseAcat: How to use SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack
I needed to port a little cgi-script that implements a simple SOAP-server to Plack. After a little searching, I came across SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Plack. Unfortunately, the documentation of this module is ... not really helpful. Here's my (slightly m [...]
John Napiorkowski: Great Example Article on Perl Integration with Twitter Bootstrap and Jquery
Here's a great example of the kind of stuff I think the Perl community needs to do more. It's an article showing how to build awesome looking forms with Perl and Twitter Bootstrap, as well as using Jquery for client side form validation. Check it out [...]
kazuhiro osawa: Perl Advent Calendar Japan 2012 は明後日からです、みんな参加して寿司を食べよう!
今年は、真夏なのに advent calendar やってる人がいてて????な顔をしていた yappodoll です今晩和。 今年も advent calendar の季節が始まります。 Perl Advent Calendar 2012 Japan ももちろん開催します! しかしみんなシャイな娘が多過ぎて参加者集まってません! 毎年有用な記事が集まるこのイベントに貴女も参加しませんか!?!?// 今年も Hacker Track も Casual Track も準備万端です! Teng Tr [...]
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