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Daily archive for Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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kimmel: Commented on Using Padre for the first time in Kirk Kimmel

Yes I installed Padre via CPAN using the standard cpan client.

Lyle Melick: Stripping blank space from edges of variables
I often have to make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in a variable when I’m handling data with perl. According to the perl FAQ here[1] the proper way to do this is: $var =~ s/^\s+//; $var =~ … Continue reading
Sebastian Willing: Aggregating database updates

Statistics are nice, but may also increase database load. Counting web users (page impressions) may produce a lot of UPDATE requests setting counter=counter+1. I tried to merge them using Gearman. Gearman is able to handle a huge amount of jobs using [...]

perlcodesample: rootユーザーからMojoliciousアプリケーションを管理する方法 / Mojoliciousリファレンス



またperlbrewを使っている場合などは、rootから実行するとデフォルトのPerlを使ってしまうということも起こります。うーんとなりま [...]

Mark Keating (mdk): Working on the Workshop
It is that time of year again when the London Perl Workshop, the United Kingdom Perl Workshop, is just a few days away and all that my mind can focus on is the event and whether I can pull of a success once again. Well, I say ‘I’ in a rat [...]
Toby Corkindale: Comparing performance of Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone

Synopsis: ARM v6 CPUs (such as the Raspberry Pi) are significantly slower than ARMv7 CPUs (such as in the BeagleBone) at the same clock speed, at least when running Debian (armhf) on them.

I know it's a rather naive benchmark, but I tried running Perl [...]
Generic Ultram: CVE-2012-5526
CGI.pm module before 3.63 for Perl does not properly escape newlines in (1) Set-Cookie or (2) P3P headers, which might allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary headers into responses from applications that use CGI.pm.
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