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Daily archive for Saturday, 17 November 2012

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Pablo Marin-Garcia (pamag): Looking for a Perl tool like Ipython notebook.

I have just recently discovered Ipython notebooks[1] they are fantastics and like R sweave[2] they are essential for Reproducible Research.

I use Perl and pdl for bioinformatics research. Being pdl a scientific tool these kind of reproducible research [...]
kimmel: Posted Using Padre for the first time to Kirk Kimmel
Recently I have been doing some in depth research with regards to development tools of all kinds. Currently I am working my through the various IDEs available in both the open and close source worlds. This is what spurred me...
Sebastian Willing: Perl MongoDB driver number handling

Perl doesn’t care about numbers, integer or float – at least on the script level – but MongoDB does. The driver’s default number detection algorithm treats floats as strings and MongoDB doesn’t like to compare strin [...]

Juan Spinel jms53: Project Euler
I started doing the project Euler exercises as a test of my algorithms. I will be posting here my results.   sum the numbers betwwen ]0 , 1000[ that are multiples of 3 or 5 my $i =0; my $total … Continue reading
Tokuhiro Matsuno: Perl Testing Handbook Version 3 をだした。
Version 2 もだしていたつもりだったのですが、うまくでてなかった。。しばらくするとでるかとおもいます。主に @hirobanex さんのエントリへのアンサーとなってます。あと、目次をだしたつもりだったんだけど、目次が章ごとについちゃっててなんかおもってたのとちがう。。なん
Active State: So You Think We're Malicious?

Google Chrome Danger MachineFIRST THINGS FIRST: Google Chrome is flagging Komodo installers as "malicious". Rest assured, Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit are NOT malicious files set out to stream all personal data off your computer and into an evil doer's dirty hard drive. All downl [...]

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