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Daily archive for Friday, 16 November 2012

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Colin Newell: Catalyst Config Hack
With a lot of modules for our Catalyst systems we have separate models. We then use a subset of them in a single application, and it makes sense to actually store all those database models in a single physical database. This means we end up with a lo [...]
David Golden: Why PERL_UNICODE makes me SAD
When I first got a bug report that Capture::Tiny was breaking under PERL_UNICODE=SAD, I though it would be an easy thing to fix. I was so wrong... I had no idea what a rabbit hole I was in for. What the heck is PERL_UNICODE? Unless you're American, y [...]
NAP Tech Blog: Unicode Perl Best Practices
The following are notes I took during a Unicode tech talk by Dave Cross. What’s the problem? ASCII has 128 characters. Extended ASCII character sets can have 256 characters, e.g. ISO-8859-1. This is the limit of one byte. Unicode has … Continue readi [...]
Sebastian Willing: Setting up a VServer without VServer support

My development server is a remote Vserver image running under VirtualServer or OpenVZ or anything else. I don’t know because I don’t care because other people do. I’m used to develop over SSH a lot, this is not problem, but I [...]

John Napiorkowski: Its Time for Catalyst Advent!
Hey All, So last year wasn't the most spectacular Perl Catalyst Advent we've ever had. Lets see if we can do better this go around! In order to assist, here's a few thoughts on simple articles you can do: Take any old article and modernize it... ...o [...]
Pablo Marin-Garcia (pamag): bioperl popularity (measured by searches) going down day by day.

According to the following figure bioperl is loosing all its appealing day by day.  One critique to this plot is that big bio projects still are in perl like Ensembl, biopieces etc,  but not shown here. The pity is that R and biop [...]
chromatic: The Curious Case of the Justifiable but Slow Singleton
A good use for the singleton pattern, a pessimization, and an architecture decision that might have made everything not matter.
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