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Daily archive for Thursday, 15 November 2012

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Reini Urban (rurban): Patch known perlcore ptr problems
App::perlall 0.27, a better perlbrew at CPAN for multiple global perls, now patches some of the known security problems with buffer-overflows and use-after-free errors for the perl production releases. E.g. perlall build 5.14.2-nt builds a patched no [...]
Active State: Stackato, Vendor Lock-In, and Cloud Foundry Core Compatibility

Cloud Core

Since Stackato's GA (general availability) release in February, many of our customers and prospective customers have expressed their concern about vendor lock-in: They don't want to write applications that are specific to a single vendor' [...]

Sebastian Willing: Clean up old kernel images from Ubuntu

My laptop has “only” 20 GB for the root-partition / including home, usr and var. This is enough but recent updates dropped my free space below 1 GB and lately below 500 MB. I noticed that various kernel images & modules are wasting sp [...]

Tokuhiro Matsuno: Shipped Teng::Plugin::TextTable
I shipped Teng::Plugin::TextTable 0.01. You can dump a database data as text table. It's useful for debugging. I often define a dump_table()
Peter Makholm: Deploying “Half of CPAN” on Debian using Carton
As systems developer I like just being able to pick the most useful Perl modules from CPAN and preferably use quite recent versions of the modules I need. On the other hand our systems administrators prefer running Debian Stable and deploy software u [...]
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