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Daily archive for Tuesday, 13 November 2012

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Mark Keating (mdk): Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon 2013
The Search for Sponsors It was my pleasure to announce last week that Ian Norton and I will be hosting the 2013 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon in the North West of England. It is similarly my pleasure to relate that our very first sponsors are sign [...]
Booking.com dev blog: Sereal - a binary data serialization format

We introduce Sereal, a new, binary data serialization format that provides high-performance, schema-less serialization for Perl and other languages.

As with many things in computing, serialization of data structures is a game of trade-offs. There is a [...]

Steffen Mueller: Announcement for Sereal, a binary data serialization format, finally live!
It's been long in the making, but finally, I've gotten the Sereal announcement article in a shape that I felt somewhat comfortable with publishing. Designing and implementing Sereal was a true team effort and we really hope to see non-Perl implementa [...]
Booking.com dev blog: Welcome to the Booking.com dev blog

Welcome to the Booking.com blog! Booking.com is an online hotel reservations company founded during the hey-days of the dot com era in the 90s. The product offering was initially limited to just the Dutch market. We grew rapidly to expand our offerin [...]

Booking.com dev blog: The Signal Handling Blues

Unix/POSIX signal handling is tricky at best of times. At worst, it drives people to write articles about it.

In Perl, signal handling feels particularly messy: There can only be one signal handler per signal type at any given time. The handlers are s [...]

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