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Daily archive for Tuesday, 09 October 2012

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Pablo Marin-Garcia (pamag): DBD::myql 4.022 not passing test 80procs.t and how to FIX it
I failed to install DBD::mysql. This time I had the dev files and everything.
FAIL Installing DBD::mysql failed. See /home/pmg/.cpanm/build.log for details. $ cpanm DBD::mysql [...] DBD::mysql::db do failed: alter routine command denied to user ''@'lo [...]
Emil Perhinschi (emilper): Zombie game with Perl
Mark Keating (mdk): Support a Research Project
The Perl Foundation is pleased to be working with and promoting Kevin Carillo’s research into newcomer experience and contributor behavior in Perl and other FOSS communities. You also can help by taking the time to fill out this survey. Kevin is a Ph [...]
Dominic Humphries (djh): My friend vic

I noticed a while ago a frequent trend in my working habits: I would frequently want to edit the same files that I had worked on in a previous git commit.

The reasons were varied: I might have committed work in progress so I could switch branches, and [...]

Alexandr Alexeev (afiskon): Изучаем Perl 6: использование грамматик
В Perl 6 появилось новое средство, называемое грамматиками. Ни в одном другом языке я такого еще не видел. Помните, как мы с вами писали интерпретатор простого языка программирования? Так вот, грамматики — это практически встроенное в язык средство д [...]
chromatic: BEGIN-time Initialization versus Testing
Are your Perl module habits working against your test suite? One testing anti-pattern is easy to add to your code and dfficult to fix.
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