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Daily archive for Tuesday, 02 October 2012

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Thomas Klausner (domm): Vienna.pm TechMeet: DBIx::SchemaChecksum

Today we had our monthly Vienna.pm Techmeet at Metalab. I presented DBIx::SchemaChecksum, but unfortunately CDD didn't work out: I did not ...

kazuhiro osawa: YAPC::Asia TOKYO 2012 と Geohash リリースのお知らせ #yapcasia
僕の YAPC::Asia TOKYO 2012 さっき終わったので書く事にしよう。悪意は無いので素直に読んで頂ければと。 位置情報系処理のお話 a.k.a 続・自文書抽出日本的住所 http://yappo.github.com/talks/20120928-yapcasia2012-geo/ ikasama さんとかには、前のプレゼンとか見てたら見なくて平気だよね敵な事言われたけど、大体新しいトピックでお伝えしました。 基本的には CPAN での位置情報の扱い方と、視覚化の重要性の話と、位置 [...]
Michiel Beijen (Mike__B): Tweaking the Richtext Editor
OTRS uses the CKEditor for editing richtext in tickets, Changes, FAQs and other input fields. Typically customers ask for some features which are not switched on by default. An easy way for creating and editing HTML tables is one of … Continue readin [...]
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