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Mateu Hunter (mateu): Elasticsearch Token Filters
We recently saw an example of an elasticsearch token filter called the catalan_stemmer. The Catalan language has other token filters available: catalan_stop catalan_elision catalan_keywords Let's see what they do. Stop The catalan_stop filter removes [...]
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 044 Heredoc Quoters
The PBP suggests that all heredocs be explicitly and deliberately quoted. When I first read this, I didn’t know you could do that! It’s a great idea. What this means is to put the right kind of quotes around the name of the marker when it [...]
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): DWIM Perl for Linux - version released
After almost a week of adding more and more modules I've got to the 9th revision of DWIM Perl for Linux. It explicitly includes more than 400 CPAN modules, but with their dependencies it is probably a lot more. The...
kazuhiro osawa: #isucon 2014 に参加して暫定圏外になってきました
ISUCON4 の予選やってきました、最終スコアは37000位だったけど本戦足切りラインは45000くらいだと思うので残念でした。 チームメイトは、前回組んだ kamipo さんに加え新メンバー ar_tama さんと共に望みました。 役割としては kamipo: 司令塔権 middleware 以下全部担当 ar_tama: アプリ担当 yappo: アプリ担当 リポジトリはこちら https://github.com/kamipo/isucon4qualifier 開始前 大体の凡ミスはレギ [...]
Dave Cross (perlhacks): Perl’s Problems

It’s been over six weeks since I wrote my blog post on Perl usage. I really didn’t mean to leave it so long to write the follow-up. But real life intervened and I haven’t had time for much blogging. That’s still the case (I sh [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: How to extract val() from a form using #Mojolicious


Mojolicious just introduced Mojo::DOM::val() in version 5.17. It’s a method for extracting the value from any form field, instead of running all the tedious queries for each input type. This means that you can do things like:

use Mojo::Bas [...]
Jan Henning Thorsen: How to deploy #Mojolicious apps on @DigitalOcean


Mojolicious is truly a modern web framework. It keeps up to date with the HTTP, HTML, WebSockets and JSON specifications so you don’t have to worry about doing that right. It’s a framework where you implement the core business logic, whil [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Howto set up Convos on @digitalocean


From convos.by:

Convos is the simplest way to use IRC. It is always online, and accessible to your web browser, both on desktop and mobile. Run it on your home server, or cloud service easily. It can be deployed to Heroku or Docker-based c [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Mojopaste - A #pastebin based on #Mojolicious
// From errno.h
#define EPASTEBINAGAIN 133 /* mojopaste */

Today I released my 13th Mojolicious based project to CPAN, but the 1st open source Mojolicious based application.

It feels good.

The application is a pastebin. That is a web application which [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Continuous deployment with #Mojolicious and @github

After hearing Curtis Poe giving the talk “Agile Companies Go P.O.P.‎” at the YAPC I thought I should finally get the word out about my extension to Mojolicious, which allow continuous deployment using a github post-receive hook.

So… Mojolicious has th [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Howto deploy #Mojolicious to @dotcloud

After sending some tweets with dotcloud I’ve figured out how to deploy Mojolicious to dotcloud as a perl-worker.

The way I previously deployed was using the standard perl service, with a uWSGI frontend. The really cool thing about a perl-worker is tha [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Applify: Scripting without boilerplate

Applify is a module which helps you write scripts with less boilerplate code. The scripts written with Applify can also be tested easily.

I started out using plain Getopt::Long, but I thought it was clumsy to combine with my OO code. Then I started us [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: A #Mojolicious lite app that use @Cloudinary

So earlier this week I’ve written about How to deliver your images through Cloudinary with Perl and Cloudinary examples for applying effects to your images. Today I’m posting a Mojolicious lite app which can upload images to your Cloudinary account [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Cloudinary examples for applying effects to your images

So yesterday I blogged about the basic functionality about Cloudinary, but there are so much more than scaling images that you can do.

Note: If you use other programming languages as well, you can read about the same examples from Cloudinary’s own blo [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: How to deliver your images through Cloudinary with Perl

Cloudinary is a cloud-based service for image management & manipulation. From their about page:

Use Cloudinary to: * Manage all your assets and web resources in the cloud. * Allow any web application, large or small, to enjoy modern web delivery platf [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: CatalystX::Controller::Sugar

I’ve written a module I think is rather useful: CatalystX::Controller::Sugar. This module (will hopefully) make chained actions be your default when writing a controller in Catalyst. I remember when I first started looking at Catalyst - I didn’t see [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: rt.cpan.org - great fun!

I must say I enjoy getting rt-tickets. “Why?”, you might ask. Well, It’s probably the only way I can actually know that someone use, or has tried to use a module I’ve written. The bad (if you can call it bad) thing about getting a ticket is that it’s [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Line noise: parentheses

I’ve been discussing how bad perl code looks and I’m a bit surprised: I consider () more noisy than $, %, @ and friends, while the people I discuss this with, really likes parentheses. Consider this:

push(@text, sprintf('I got %i foos', int(shift [...]
Jan Henning Thorsen: Wow, Moose is cool!

I was introducing Moose (and perl oo) to a java guy the other day, and he replied: “No, shit. Is that possible?”, “Now I understand the fuzz about multiple inheritance” and “Wow, Moose is cool!”.

I must confess: It brings comfort to my heart to hear a [...]

Jan Henning Thorsen: Which name to pick?

I’m writing a new module, which is currently named “Net::DHCPd”. It’s not a good name imo, since Net::DHCPd sounds more like a module that actually is a dhcp server, which mine is not.

This is what it can, or is supposed to support in the future:

  • Inter [...]
Jan Henning Thorsen: More perl modules

I’m working on some more perl-modules now: YAML::Object and POE::Component::TFTPd. I’ve also fixed some issues with SNMP::Effective, and written a new implementation, that uses Net::SNMP instead of SNMP.

The YAML-module is a result of bad typing: I’m [...]

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