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Perl TV: Adventures in Optimization (English 54:25)


What makes your code slow? How do you make it faster? And how do you prove it?

This talk will describe my adventures benchmarking and optimizing ordered hashes in Perl, culminating in the release of Hash::Ordered — which outperforms all other CP [...]

perlcodesample: 初めてのHello World (3) - コンパイルと実行 | PerlプログラマのためのC言語入門
 今回は、前回書いたコードをコンパイルして、実行してみます。このソースコードを「hello.c」という名前で保存してください。 #include // エントリポイント int main () { // Hello World!を出力 printf("Hello World!"); // 正常に終了したことを知らせる return 0; } ソースファイルのコンパイル  Perlでは、作成したスクリプトは「perl」コマンドで直接実行することがで ...
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 026 Arrays and Hashes
The PBP suggests naming for hashes and arrays; hashes in the singular, and arrays in the plural. In general, I agree with this, and think the reasons stated are valid. It’s easy to do, reads well, and the few corner cases it looks funny in are [...]
Toby Inkster (tobyink): Method Privacy in Perl
This is a slightly expanded version of a comment I posted a couple of days ago on NEILB's blog. Neil was mostly talking about private functions, while I'll be talking mostly about private methods (i.e. object-oriented programming), but I...
Chisel (Chiz): perlbrew on OSX
I’ve tried and failed so many times to use perlbrew on OSX. I’ll admit that I haven’t started a full-on investigation, but this is really quite frustrating and confusing: ➔ perlbrew install perl-5.20.0 Fetching perl 5.20.0 as /Users/c.wright/perl5/pe [...]
Perl TV: Interchange6 - Open Source Shop Machine (German 22:14)

Beim letzten deutschen Perlworkshop haben wir den Mangel an einsatzbereiten "Produkte" als ein Marketingproblem von Perl identifiziert. Wir haben zwar eine große Auswahl an möglichen Lösungen, aber für klassische Aufgabenstellungen wie Blog, CMS, Sho [...]

Perl TV: Perl driven Apliance (Dutch 41:38)

The video is in Dutch.

Laurent Dami (dami): Plack::App::* namespace is not for apps - so which is the proper CPAN namespace ?
OOps ... I just realized that I had misunderstood the intent of the Plack::App namespace : the top-level Plack doc explicitly says :
DO NOT USE Plack:: namespace to build a new web application or a framework. It's like naming your application under CG [...]
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): Need IO::Pty help with *BSD/OSX
Recently I encountered an issue with Expect.pm on OSX. I think it is caused by a bug in IO::Pty (Expect.pm is a subclass of IO::Pty) and thus filed a bug report there. I even created a test-case and released an...
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): Bad error messages

For the full article visit Bad error messages

Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 025 Reference Variables
The PBP suggests suffixing reference variables with _ref. The book notes in a footnote that this is the only type of “Hungarian notation” suggested in the book. That’s good, because Hungarian notation is a bad idea. I don’t ag [...]
Dave Cross (perlhacks): Programming Language Usage

Back in May, I spent an afternoon at Silicon MilkRoundabout. Silicon MilkRoundabout is a recruitment fair for techies. It’s specifically aimed at people who want to work for start-ups around the Old Street area (although they aren’t parti [...]

Paul Evans (LeoNerd): Event Reflexivity - A Design Pattern Pattern?

The previous series of posts on the topic of Event Reflexivity each posed a question about what the general shape of the design pattern actually is. Over the following months after the posts I thought about the pattern a lot more and eventually came [...]

shadowcat_mdk: Let's top git.io
So, very recently the excellent Vastyn (Henry Van Styn) pointed out that we should be at the top of git.io: " I came across our very own Kent Fredric’s GitHub profile today and did a double-take when I read his...
miguel prz (niceperl): (cxviii) metacpan weekly report - WebAPI::DBIC

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 164

Week's winner (+4): WebAPI::DBIC

Build date: 2014/07/26 19:29:47 GMT

Clicked for first time:

miguel prz (niceperl): (cxliii) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2014-07-26 19:23:55 GMT

  1. What is the difference between sub Foo::bar {} and sub bar {} when they both belong to package Foo? [...]
Pattawan Kaewduangdee (oiami): Work report and a lovely story.
Most of my work in past 2 weeks is fix the existing issue and improve code quality.

I have 2 major tasks that needed to be done first which are Bootstrap upgrading and Open ID login.

The Bootstrap almost completely done waiting for code review but for [...]
Perl TV: Performance Profiling with Devel::NYTProf (English 49:52)

In this talk I'll be:

  • reviewing the principles of performance profiling perl applications
  • demonstrating how to use Devel::NYTProf
  • demonstrating the new features of version 5
  • explaining common traps when interpreting profile reports
  • describing a multi-phas [...]
Yanick Champoux (yanick): Perlweekly Confidential: Corralling News

This one is straight up from the Chronicles of a Lazy Man. As you might know, I'm a co-editor of the PerlWeekly. Part of the job is to curate the articles, and write blurbs about it. Another part is the aggregating of those articles in the JSON docum [...]

Perl TV: Bootstrapping a useful development environment in 20 minutes (English 19:22)

This twenty minute live demo will feature the following manifests from my puppet installations: perl_toolchain, compass_sass, fpm, git, libcloud, puppet, jenkins and vagrant. (expect to add dotvim soon).

A recent apt-get dist upgrade gone awry on my h [...]

Dave Cross (perlhacks): Github, Travis-CI and Perl

Last night we held a London Perl Mongers Technical Meeting. It was organised by Sue Spence and the venue was sponsored by Rick Deller of Eligo. Much fun was had and much knowledge was imparted. Alex Balhatchet spoke about Test::Kit. Andrew Solomon ta [...]

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