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Dave Jacoby (/var/log/rant): Name Things Like You, or "Do you ever feel like an idiot?"
I was preparing a talk on developing against the FitBit API yesterday, which lead me to look at the FitBit website, and I found something called "Alertness Checker", which I didn't recognize. The others, like TicTrac and FaceBook and IFTTT, I did, bu [...]
fREW Schmidt (fREW): DBIx::Class: Parameterized Relationships

Probably once a week in the DBIx::Class channel someone asks if there is a way to pass arguments to a relationship. There is an answer but it isn’t pretty or for the faint of heart, so I finally have decided that I should write up a post detail [...]

kd: A quick and very dirty pastebot.
I started a new job. One that requires me to leave the house on a regular basis. And talk to people in the day time, in person. In fact I'm finding it not much different to normal. It seems that...
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 023 Identifiers
This section of the PBP is a long one, and goes into great detail about how to think about naming important parts of your programs. It covers explicitly modules/namespaces, variables (several types of them), and functions. I thought, at first glance [...]
Doug Bell (preaction): Between Learning and Doing
A long time ago, when I started building my first video game server for Double Cluepon, my video game company, I did a bad thing. I looked at the AMF library for Perl and Python and decided that Python's...
Yanick Champoux (yanick): Yanick At Perl Conference: Notes of Attendance (YAPC::NA)

It's hard to believe that Orlando was only my third YAPC. And yet, I only attended my first YAPC ever in Asheville in 2011. The next year I went long and had a taste of the ::EU namespace with Frankfurt. For 2013 I had to take a sabbatical for cause [...]

miguel prz (niceperl): (cxlii) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2014-07-19 07:41:10 GMT

  1. How can $^E be compared with a number? - [6/1]
  2. purpose of installing a perl module with apt-get inste [...]
miguel prz (niceperl): (cxvii) metacpan weekly report - Moo

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 95

Week's winner: Moo (+3)

Build date: 2014/07/19 07:36:13 GMT

Clicked for first time:

Dominique Dumont (dod): Looking for help to package Perl6, moar and others for Debian
Let’s face reality: I cannot find the time to properly maintain Perl6 related packages for Debian. Given the recent surge of popularity of rakudo, it would be a shame to let these packages rot. Instead of throwing the towel, I’d rather ca [...]
Sinan Unur (Sinan): In OCaml, how can I get a list of directories in my PATH?

I have been getting my toes wet with OCaml, using Real World OCaml. The book content is freely available on their web site, but I have bought the ebook from O'Reilly, and I thoroughly recommend it.

I have to admit, it hasn't been a quick task. I find [...]

Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 022 Automated Layout
The Best Practice is to get a tool to do the work for you; it’ll be regular, and not spend your time doing it. My only concern is that Mr. Conway says, “You can take ugly code like this and turn it into something readable.” where th [...]
Perl.org NOC: 7/18/2014: Scheduled Maintenance -- Moving Day!
More details afterwards, but most perl.org services will be unavailable for most of the day on Friday, July 18th 2014.  We're moving!  DNS will still work, but anything running on one of our machines (many webservers and mailservers, etc) w [...]
James Marca (jmarca): More with the GDAL/OGR perl bindings
So my last post talked about my struggles to finally get something saved in the database using the native perl bindings into the GDAL/OGR library. Once I got that working and pushed out the post, I immediately started loading up … Continue reading
fREW Schmidt (fREW): A Gentle TLS Intro for Perlers

At work we’ve recently been audited for security by one of our customers and one of the takeaways was that we need to encrypt more things. Specifically all things. This lead me on a journey of discovery. In this post I’ll give some basic [...]

Goro Fuji (GFUJI): YAPC::Asia 2014でninjinkunといっしょにモバイルアプリ開発について話します


Mobile First Development for Perl Mongers


ところで、このトークは ninjinkun とい [...]

James Marca (jmarca): Using GDAL/OGR perl bindings to load GPX files into PostgreSQL/PostGIS
Today I wrote a short perl program to import GPX files into PostgreSQL using the OGR library’s native perl bindings. This was a super pain to figure out because the naive way doesn’t work, and it appears all the documentation … Continue reading
David Farrell sillymoose: Generate static websites from dynamic Perl web apps

App::Wallflower generates static apps from PSGI applications

John Napiorkowski: PSGI Middleware and the Future of Catalyst
The PSGI specification describes middleware as: "A middleware component takes another PSGI application and runs it. From the perspective of a server, a middleware component is a PSGI application. From the perspective of the application being run by t [...]
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 021 Lists
Lists need to be formatted to be readable. The suggestion is to always use parenthesis, indent after a parenthesis, and line things in columns, all with trailing commas. The book provides clear examples, which I won’t duplicate here. I have no [...]
CPAN Testers: CPAN Testers Summary - June 2014 - Built To Last

June ended up being quite a productive month. Many of the ideas from the 2014 QA Hackathon have come to fruition, and I've been updating the sites appropriately. Earlier this month I sorted out several blog posts for the updates, even though the upda [...]

Toby Inkster (tobyink): Meta-Meta-Meta Problem Solving
OK, so I'm working on a project and some unexpected bug crops up. It turns out to be a bug in a dependency. I could work around it, but... I happen to maintain the dependency, so better to fix...
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