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Gabor Szabo (szabgab): Open source clone of search.cpan.org
I have started to write an open source clone of search.cpan.org. In case you are interested, see more details and links in that article. It is currently hosted here. The front-page is already there, but of course most of the...
Ricardo SIGNES (rjbs): I rewrote uni

For years, I've used Audrey Tang's uni program for stupid things. It helps you find Unicode characters:

$ uni ☺

# Only on Perl 5.14+
$ uni wry

I've never been super happy with searching. All o [...]

Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 050 List Membership
The PBP suggests using the right, fast, tools to search for strings in lists. Who wouldn’t? It suggests using a table lookup to test for membership of strings – that’s a map to a hash, then a hash key search. If it isn’t a str [...]
Generic Ultram: CVE-2012-5697
The btinstall installation script in Bulb Security Smartphone Pentest Framework (SPF) before 0.1.3 uses weak permissions (777) for all files in the frameworkgui/ directory, which allows local users to obtain sensitive information or inject arbitrary [...]
Andreas K. Hüttel (dilfridge): How do I run ~arch Perl on a stable Gentoo system?
Here's a small piece of advice for all who want to upgrade their Perl to the very newest available, but still keep running an otherwise stable Gentoo installation: These three lines are exactly what needs to go into /etc/portage/package.keywords:
dev [...]
kd: A fast pragmatic test runner
After breaking the build twice in the space of a week for more or less the same reason each time, I figured that my team needed a continuous integration rig, and we needed it now. For web application stuff it's...
CPAN Testers: CPAN Testers Summary - September 2014 - Fire of Unknown Origin

September featured two hot-topic discussions regarding CPAN Testers. 

The first was started by brian d foy, in a post about the effects of the development version of Test::More, which due to ongoing comment issues, were followed up separately. I see bo [...]

Alberto Simões (ambs): Language Identification, Neural Networks and Perl
I will not write much, but just would like to let you know there is a new Perl module for Language Identification (Lingua::Identifier). It uses a neural network for the task (read this for details), with Math::Matrix::MaybeGSL, that will use...
miguel prz (niceperl): (clv) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2014-10-17 17:34:05 GMT

  1. Subroutines that take an optional block parameter - [4/2]
  2. perl bitwise AND and bitwise shifting - [4 [...]
miguel prz (niceperl): (cxxx) metacpan weekly report - Mojo::Pg

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 144

Week's winner: Mojo::Pg (+6)

Build date: 2014/10/17 17:31:19 GMT

Clicked for first time:

perlcodesample: gccの最適化オプションを指定する | Perl XS 入門
 XSでgccの最適化オプションを指定するにはMakefile.PLの中のWriteMakefileのオプションとして、OPTIMIZEオプションを指定します。 OPTIMIZE => ’-O3’  -O3を指定すると、一番強い最適化が行われるようです。  以下はOPTIMIZEオプションを使ったサンプルです。 use strict; use warnings; use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile( NAME => ’Rstats’, AUT ...
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 049 Lists
This best practice is a simple suggestion: Put every raw list in parenthesis. It’s good.The book provides an example of why this is important. There’s at least one other case that bit me at the office: This changed, so that qw no longer w [...]
David Farrell sillymoose: How to test Perl roles without creating test classes

Don't waste time writing test classes, test the role directly

Patrick R. Michaud: APW2014 and the Rakudo Great List Refactor
This past weekend I attended the 2014 Austrian Perl Workshop and Hackathon in Salzburg, which turned out to be an excellent way for me to catch up on recent changes to Perl 6 and Rakudo. I also wanted to participate directly … Continue reading
JT Smith: Posted Celebrating Perl 5’s 20th birthday at MadMongers. to JT Smith
Celebrating Perl 5’s 20th birthday at MadMongers. [From my blog.]...
JT Smith: Posted Madison Area Perl Mongers Tonight to JT Smith
Tonight’s topic: REST on your SoC with Device::WebIO System on a Chip (SoC) devices, such as the Raspberry Pi and pcDuino, are becoming increasingly popular. They almost always have a working Perl installed, and some library for controlling the I/O p [...]
kd: A most amusing annoyance
Came across this in my travels this morning: $ perl -E 'sub x { say "y"}; my $x = 'x'; $x->();' y Undefined subroutine &main::1 called at -e line 1. Why on earth does this compile and run in the...
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 048 Low-Precedence Operators
The best practice is not to mix low and high precedence boolean operators. This is both good and bad, but following the rule can save your sanity. The problem with mixing the low precedence operators – the nice ones that are words – and t [...]
Dave Jacoby (/var/log/rant): The Frustration of Dealing with Users
This woman -- in honor of anonymity and cryptographic protocols, we'll call her Alice -- working on a startup has a problem. She has changes she wants to make in her website and she has no developer. She had contracted with a international developer [...]
miguel prz (niceperl): (cxxix) metacpan weekly report - Mojo::Pg

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 170

Week's winner: Mojo::Pg (+6)

Build date: 2014/10/10 17:24:06 GMT

Clicked for first time:

miguel prz (niceperl): (cliv) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2014-10-10 17:11:08 GMT

  1. Perl convert a filehandle in-place/streaming from cp1252 to utf-8? - [6/2]
  2. Perl shared variables atom [...]
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