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Alberto Simões (ambs): CPAN PR-Challenge: March Report #1
This month I was assigned Exobrain. My first problem is that I can not install install it at all because dependencies are failing. The first failing dependency was Data::Structure::Util. Looking around in Testers Matrix I found that is was failing [...]
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 087 Extended Boilerplates
The Best Practices make some suggestions on additional things to include in your POD, and suggest those items get listed in your general boilerplates to fill out. Some of the suggestions are interesting, but I’m not sure they belong in every PO [...]
perlancar: pericmd 032: More on tab completion (4): Completing paths
There are several kinds of tree-like entities that can be addressed using a path. Filesystem is one, another is a hierarchy of Perl module/package (yet another is Riap URL, which we haven’t really covered in depth, but suffice to say that local [...]
Marc Chantreux (eiro): Host your perl project on perlists

Host your perl project on perlists

RENATER (le "Research and Education Network" français) soutient la communauté Perl et met gratuitement à disposition de ses membres une plate-forme sympa nommée Perlists. London.pm y a récement transféré ses listes e [...]

David Farrell sillymoose: How to test for exceptions in Perl

Does your code blow up the way you expect it to?

Mojoconf2014: Mojoconf presentations on YouTube

We have created a Google+ profile and YouTube channel for the conference presentations. Most of the presentations are already uploaded, but there are some waiting for confirmation.

If your don't know what happened with your presentation, then please l [...]

Mojoconf2014: Mojoconf 2014 is done; What about 2015?

Next year, we'd love to see another Mojoconf organized!

To help this happen, the Mojoconf 2014 organizers donate €2000 to the next year's organizers. If you would like to organize it, state your interest publicly in the #mojo IRC channel on irc.perl.o [...]

Mojoconf2014: Prerequisites for the course got updated

The prerequisites for the course got updated:

Students are recommended to bring laptops running OSX or Linux. Windows will work for much of the labs, although high performance examples may not operate as expected.

Please arrive with Perl 5.16.3+, Mojol [...]

Mojoconf2014: Tickets available for Mojoconf 2014

As some of you might have noticed it is now possible to buy tickets for the upcoming Mojoconf2014 conference.


Event Date Price Description
Mojolicious tutorial May 23rd 2014 500 EUR Full-day tutorial with a Mojolicious core developer
Mojoconf May 24th 2 [...]
Mojoconf2014: Mojoconf 2014 - Call for papers / Call for speakers


As previously announced the first Mojolicious related conference ever, Mojoconf 2014, will be hosted by Oslo.pm in Oslo, Norwa [...]

Mojoconf2014: Official conference tag

We have an official conference tag: #mojoconf2014.

Please use it when referring to this conference in your social media channels of choice. If you have room to spare, please add the #perl tag too.

perlancar: pericmd 031: More on tab completion (3): case sensitivity, Complete
Continuing from the previous blog’s example, you’ll notice that by default tab completion is case-insensitive: This is because most completion routines, including complete_env() used above, or complete_array_elem() used often in custom co [...]
perlcodesample: Mojolicious 6がリリースされました
 少し情報提供が遅れましたが、先日Mojolicious 6がリリースされました。MojoliciousはPerlのWebフレームワークです。 Mojolicious 6.0 released: Perl real-time web framework    
fREW Schmidt (fREW): Fear and Loathing in SQL-92

Like the tortoise I’ve been slowly but surely working on getting our application working on both SQL Server 2005+ and Postgres 9.4+. The latter is a new addition, hence the “latest and greatest” version. For the most part I’ve [...]

Dave Jacoby (/var/log/rant): Look At My Pretty Pictures
The red parts of this image are a hypocycloid.
The blue parts of this image are an epicycloid.
The gap on the right side is an unsolved problem.
Perl blogger Gabor Szabo of Perl Maven asked me to show off my SVG Spirograph code, and so, here it, release [...]
perlancar: pericmd 030: More on tab completion (2): Completing arguments, element_completion
Like the previous post, this blog post still focuses on tab completion, particularly on completing arguments. Aside from option names and option values, Perinci::CmdLine can also complete arguments. In Perinci::CmdLine, command-line arguments will al [...]
Alberto Simões (ambs): CPAN PR-Challenge: February Report
Given the lack of answers and/or comments from Ovid and the Community on my Pull Request on MooseX::Role::Strict, and given my lack of knowledge on Moose internals, I will declare the February assignment as finished. Nevertheless, if meanwhile anybod [...]
Gabor Szabo (szabgab): Wish list: SVG to PNG converter
I think once I used Image::LibRSVG to convert images created by SVG to PNG, but now it has 70% test fail rate and I could install it on Mac. I wish someone saw it as a CPAN challenge, took overt...
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 086 Boilerplates
The Best Practices suggest creating boilerplates for POD documentation. They helpfully provide some examples, and suggest differentiating between modules and applications. I can’t argue with these ideas, particularly when trying to get a group [...]
Robert Threet: Book Review: Perl and XML
Recently, I pulled out my (mostly) unread copy of Perl and XML and rather than using it as a reference, began reading the entire thing starting with the Preface.  It was a very enjoyable read.  The fact that I enjoyed reading it so much was [...]
perlancar: pericmd 029: More on tab completion (1)
The next several blog posts will focus on tab completion. Let’s get right to it with a simple example. Put the code below to mycomp, chmod +x the file, and put it somewhere in your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin or $HOME/bin if your PATH happens to [...]
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