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CPAN Testers: Uncommon OS Platforms Wanted for Testing

Below is a post to the CPAN Testers mailing list by Mark Overmeer. Mark asked me earlier in the week about promoting under-tested OSes, which has been something I've been meaning to do for awhile. Alhough, I planned to write a blog post, however as M [...]

Dave Jacoby (/var/log/rant): Thinking through Git in my work
This is mostly me thinking through some issues.

I use git and GitHub a fair amount. Not enough, not deeply enough, but a fair amount.

I understand Use Case #1, Compiled App, like RLangSyntax:

  • code in ~/dev/Project
  • subdirs (test/, lib/, examples/, docs/, e [...]
David Golden: How to add 'provides' metadata via Makefile.PL
My last post about PAUSE permission problems suggested to manually add a 'provides' field to your metadata files if PAUSE can't determine what packages are in your distribution. I realized that people might not know how to do that, so this is a quick [...]
Dave Jacoby (/var/log/rant): Testing my API changes with Perl
I have an API. I like some things about it, but it was kinda clunky in many ways.

I rewrote it. I thought I had everything together, used the same SQL queries, but I wanted to be sure it kicked out the same output.

So, I wrote tests using Perl's Test [...]
David Farrell sillymoose: 3 Awesome Perl Events in NYC this Spring/Summer

Quack & Hack, the NY.PM Hackathon and Mojoconf

miguel prz (niceperl): (xxi) CPAN great modules released last week
This is a list of great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

# CPAN module Version Date Votes
1 App::GitGot 1.30 2015-03-28 15
2 Archive::Zip 1.46 2015-03-25 22
3 Catalyst::Runtime 5.90085 201 [...]
miguel prz (niceperl): (cliii) metacpan weekly report - Tickit
This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 166
Week's winner: Tickit (+3)
Build date: 2015/03/28 19:32:55 GMT

Clicked for first time:
miguel prz (niceperl): (clxxviii) stackoverflow perl report
This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2015-03-28 19:22:50 GMT

  1. Why does adding one more alternative make my regex over 600 times slower? - [16/1]
  2. what is ||= in per [...]
Dave Cross (perlhacks): Modern Perl Articles

Back in 2011 I wrote a series of three articles about “Modern Perl” for Linux Format. Although I mentioned all three articles here as they were published, I didn’t post the actual contents of the articles as I wasn’t sure abou [...]

fREW Schmidt (fREW): Faster DBIC Schemata

Last week I did a talk for the Milwaukee Perl Mongers and this week I did it again for the Los Angeles Perl Mongers. I will do it one more time for DFW Perl Mongers soon, hopefully, if only to get the best version recorded.

In the talk somehow near th [...]

David Farrell sillymoose: Gzipping data directly from Perl


Perl.org NOC: Unscheduled Unavailbility
We're currently having (unscheduled, unplanned, unwanted) unavailability of perl.org services.  We think it's a hardware failure in the critical path.

Apologies for the disruption.  We'll update this post as more information becomes available.
John Napiorkowski: New Stable and Development Releases of Perl Catalyst on CPAN
This week we released Perl Catalyst 5.90085, the fifth installment in the stable 5.9008x branch. This release continues to focus on providing workarounds for people using unusual or non standard encodings, and are having trouble with all the UTF-8 no [...]
Marc Chantreux (eiro): A strange bug in Scrappy (or Moose?)

Years ago, i wrote a script using Scrappy. this script randomly failed but i didn't pay attention because it was on a cron table so it also randomly worked.

Now i tried to fix the things and i'm confused: I found that the Scrappy::Plugin , that walks [...]

Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 093 Algorithmic Documentation
The Best Practices suggest using a full-line comment before a paragraph of code to explain the algorithm. This is, in my experience, good advice, and what comments should be used for. Comments need to describe why you’re doing something, not th [...]
mdk (also): FLOSS UK Spring 2015: 2

Unlike a workshop session where there is a little time to stretch while teaching a presentation has to do a little more, and in a different way. In a presentation we have to sow the seeds of our passion, show a little of something new to the audience [...]

mdk (also): FLOSS UK Spring 2015

The first day of the FLOSS UK Spring Conference is all about meeting people who you may not have see for a whole year, joining in on a pre-conference social event, and hopefully attending a workshop.

mdk (also): The World of Jochen Schweizer GmbH
perlancar: Interacting with PAUSE using CLI
Any CPAN author has to interact with PAUSE, the website you go to upload files if you want to publish your work on CPAN. There is no API provided, so you have to use a browser to upload files manually. Well, not really. There are some modules you can [...]
Louis Erickson (laufeyjarson): PBP: 092 Comments
The Best Practices suggest creating a template for block comments that are suitable for your team. On the whole the reasons given in the book are good ones and it sounds like a great idea, but I find it harder to implement in practice. One of the thi [...]
David Farrell sillymoose: Calculate Fortune's Formula with Perl

Algorithm::Kelly makes it easy

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